Milton Casita Rates

Room Description Monthly Weekly Daily
One bedroom with loft main floor of house with kitchen and private bath 1,000 sq ft, extra bed if needed $450 $180 $30
Two bedroom with private kitchen $350 $150 $25
One bedroom with private kitchen $300 $120 $20
Guest room only $250 $90 $15

Rates include:
Electric, Water & Cable TV.
Available additional option include Satellite TV, Internet, and Laundry.
Guest areas include BBQ and Pizza Oven, card, domino, eating tables and hammocks.
Note: Rooms based on single occupancy, add $2/day for extra person/room.

Additional Notes:

- Meals can be provided direct to room or at local food/snack shops—expect 2$ to 5$ for breakfast and lunch, 3$ to 6$ for dinner. (Varied island style local fare)
- Drinking water 2$/5gallons
- Taxi to nearest main town with full services (French Harbor 7km west)- 2$/person- sunrise to sunset. Night taxi 5$ to 10$ - add 2$/extra person
- Local guides available for 15$ to 25$/day
- Fiberglass canoe’s, snorkel gear and under water submersible available to rent.

Things To Do and Shopping:
- The reef is an easy paddle to get to and the shallow reef is easy to dive and snorkel.
- There is a shear drop on the outside of reef and many caves to explore.
- Local’s fish for a variety of seafood, conch, lobster, shrimp, crab for a start…and is sold locally.
- Fresh vegetables, clothing, medicines, purified drinking water and drinks are brought to the village by pick-up, very convenient.






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